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Author Topic: PM Spam Report  (Read 1769 times)
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« on: August 08, 2010, 01:41:38 PM »

Hey I really didn't know where to put this since I rarely come here, but I just got an email from a user named Katarina80 who promised me some huge savings, well here is a screenie: (sorry for the messy coverups I have hiccups lol  )

Since I'm on a laptop I can only take a small portion of the PM on screen but here is the whole message:

Normally I don't post this sort of stuff but I recently ran into a site called Soft/Quality that offers Cheap Software at prices I've never seen before. I'm not talking a few dollars off software, in some cases it can be hundreds, even thousands so it has me wondering if this site is actually legitimate?

Even thought it all appears to be digital download (no cd's) is it possible to list software prices this cheap, even at wholesale? Here is the url if you're interested: This Site

Check out some of these prices on software:

  1. Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection:
      - Download Price $329.95
      - Original Price $2495.95
     -- You Save $2166.00

  2. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended:
      - Download Price $129.95
      - Original Price $999.95
     -- You Save $870

  3. Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate:
      - Download Price $99.95
      - Original Price $319.95
     -- You Save $220

  3. Adobe Dreamweaver CS5:
      - Download Price $99.95
      - Original Price $399.95
     -- You Save $300

  3. Autodesk AutoCAD 2010:
      - Download Price $299.95
      - Original Price $3995.95
     -- You Save $3696

Apparently, this is all fully licensed and completely supported software so you can even download and install software updates as need be (especially handy for Adobe Creative Suite and Windows).

Company FAQ:

1. Why do you sell software cheaper than official brand providers do?

Because buying the software with us you receive the copies of licensed versions downloaded. This means you will have no hard copies of documentation (licenses or instructions) - just files and instructions in .txt format. This software is not registered online. But we can offer you all updates for most of the software. This software is purchased wholesale from official providers whose wholesaling prices are considerably lower. As we do the minimal price markup free of packing, recording, transportation expenses our price is lower than the retail price of official providers.

2. Are your software full versions and not upgrade versions? Do you sell upgrade software? Should I have a previous version of product?

We are selling ONLY FULL versions- not upgrades. You don't need to have any previous versions of the software. If you have any other versions already installed (previous ones or upgrades) you need to REMOVE them completely before you start installing our software (to avoid conflicts between different versions of the software.) After un-installing you should also clear the Registry(for PC software) from the corresponding entries.

3. Can I still get updates from the manufacturer's websites?

Yes you can. Our software is full and legal to upgrade if opposite is not mentioned in the instructions which comes with the software. You can also ask our Support team about exceptions.

4. What languages is your software supported with?

Standard English. (You can ask our Support team for exceptions).

5. Can you send me a CD with software?

No, we can't.

6. Is your software only for home use? How many computers can I install my purchase in?

Yes. Most items of our software are for home use only and you can use your software only for 1 computer. You can apply to our Support team via our questionnaire form on the website to find out more about this.

7. What is the format of your files?

All software is packed into archives in either .zip or .exe formats. For unpacking you need to download and use only 7-zip from download area. (You can download it for free after purchase). In the archives you can see ‘.exe’ or ISO files (image of software CD). Such files are for CD/DVD burning. You can get Instructions and CD/DVD burning software for free after purchase.
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« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2010, 02:39:39 PM »

Hello all of you !

also received this spam and another one dated 21/06/2010 from Inikey (movies streaming)

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« Reply #2 on: August 09, 2010, 04:03:10 PM »

both spammers have been banned !
both blacklisted the day they spammed

" i'm not an expert, but"
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