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Author Topic: Email software for Visually Handicapped  (Read 2930 times)
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« on: December 26, 2010, 12:33:46 PM »

Windows 7, amoung other problems, is "too small" to read (regardless of changing screen size to 125%). With out exception, all Microsoft products (such as excel) and especially Windows Live mail, end up being too small.

Add to that, confusion on navigation.

Visually impaired people (as well as elderly and children), find Windows 7 to be a major pain.

And products such as JAWS and Windows Eyes don't fair much better - even if they worked without conflicts in Windows 7. Thunder Screenreader and WebbIE are close, but still very difficult.

Focusing (like the pun?) on just email:

Can you recommend an email program (free or low cost)
which does the following:

1) easy to navigate
2) works with pop/smtp servers
3) large icons
4) using control keys, reads text
5) stops reading text, with a simple key press (in other words, shuts up)
6) tells you what you've written

Please feel free to contact me directly at [e-mail address removed by Admin]
Thank you for your time.
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