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Author Topic: Please Start HERE!  (Read 68689 times)
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« on: May 15, 2007, 06:59:22 PM »

If you have any malware problems, please post them over at Malwarebytes:
They will take care of you there.

Thanks  MrC


Please Start Here

Please Note!

1.  Before proceeding, please uninstall the following via Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel:

  • File sharing programs such as uTorrent, Bittorrent, LimeWire, Morpheus, Azureus, Kazaa are a major conduit for malware and a likely source of your current issues.  In order to receive assistance, it is requested that you uninstall any such programs prior to cleanup and to prevent reinfection.
  • Should you have more than one antivirus software installed, leave only one and uninstall any others.

2.  This site does not support the use of "cracked" programs.  If your helper detects the presence of pirated/cracked software on your computer, your topic will be closed.  

3.  If you are having problems with a business machine, please consult your IT Department or System Administrator.  We cannot undertake the liability of a business-owned asset.  You are advised to consult your employer's "Acceptable Usage Policy" to ensure that you are not in breach of Company rules by attempting to fix a business asset.

4.  Please subscribe to your topic so you will receive a notification when you have received a reply.  
  • Click the button at the top of the thread.  
  • Click OK to the popup reading "Are you sure you wish to enable notification of new replies for this topic?"


  • Do NOT use any tools such as ComboFix or HijackThis fixes without supervision of a qualified adviser.  Doing so could make your computer inoperable and could result in requiring a full reinstall of your operating system, losing all your programs and data.
  • Do NOT follow instructions that were provided to others, even though they may appear to be a solution to your problem.  Each infection causes unique problems on each computer. Everyone has different software on their computer and that makes each log different.
  • Do NOT install/re-install any programs or run any fixes or scanners that you have not been instructed to use.  This may cause conflicts with the tools being used in the cleanup process.
  • Some of the requested logs will be quite large so it may be necessary to split them over multiple replies.  Be sure to check that the complete log has posted.
  • Your security programs may give warnings for some of the tools you will be asked to use.  Be assured, any links provided are safe.  If you receive a UAC prompt, please approve the elevation.
  • Please continue to respond until you receive the "All Clear".  Just because you cannot see a problem does not mean it isn't there.
  • If you have questions regarding any of the instructions or problems running any tools, please let us know.

DDS Log Instructions

Please download DDS by sUBs from one of the following links and save it to your desktop.


  • Double-Click dds.scr and a command window will appear. This is normal
  • Shortly after two logs will appear, DDS.txt & Attach.txt
  • A window will open instructing you save & post the logs
  • Save the logs to a convenient place such as your desktop

Posting Instructions

  • Go to the Malware Removal Help forum.
  • Click the New Topic link.
  • Add a title that describes your problem.  Please start your post with a brief explanation of what is happening to your PC and any steps you may have taken on your own.
  • Copy/paste the contents of both logs & post in a new topic
  • Complete your post by pressing the Post button.
  • Please review your post to ensure that all logs have posted.  If anything is missing, create another reply and copy/paste the remaining log(s).

Please be patient.  The experts will review your logs and get back to you.
However, they are all volunteers and may not be online when you post.


Edit Note:  Updated instructions. 10June2011

My help is always free here but if you would like to show your appreciation, it will be much appreciated.
Thanks MrC
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Take a walk through the "Security Garden" -- Where Everything is Coming up Roses!

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